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    government corruption.

    Across the United States of America, citizens are disappointed in their government.

    While the nation grapples with historical debt, a recession, energy dependence, inflation , terrorism, and wars we cannot afford, our politicians are asleep at the wheel.

    The system is broken. Our government has been corrupted by money. We need Congress to solve the nation’s problems, instead our politicians are out raising money for re-election. The country is run by lobbyists - fighting on behalf of big oil, pharmaceuticals, military contractors, labor unions, trial lawyers, insurance companies, food corporations, and on and on. We may never get rid of lobbyists and big financial donors. But we all agree: citizens should come first.

    Our government is corrupt. We need to fix it. We have a plan. We need your help.

    Here’s what the Act does

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    • Shine a light on dark money groups and their secret donors.
    • Outlaw members of Congress from taking donations from the entities they regulate.
    • Close the revolving door between Congress and K Street so politicians (and their staff) aren’t trading their power in exchange for cushy jobs when they leave office.
    • Foster small donor contributions through citizen-funded elections. (If we shut out all the corrupting money, we need to enable clean money. Because like it or not, it costs money to run for office.)
    • Stop Super PACs and dark money groups from coordinating with campaigns.
    • Disempower Super PACs while protecting the free speech rights of Americans.
    • Expand the definition of lobbying to include all types of influence peddlers.

    Here’s why it’s going to work

    • We’re going beyond piecemeal reforms. This is comprehensive legislation of historic proportions. It completely reshapes our current system to eliminate the undue influence of money.
    • Millions of people are ready to rally behind the same proposal, including all of the issue groups being beaten by big money lobbyists.
    • Our movement is not progressive; it’s not conservative, it’s American. From Occupy to the Tea Party; Democrats to Republicans to Independents. Over 80% of Americans - liberal, independent and conservative - want to get money out.
    • We won’t ask politicians to fix this for us. We’ll force them to. It’s the only way to get the fox (politicians) to put a lock on the henhouse (campaign contributions). Oppose us, and you will lose office.
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